clear What Are Some of the Challenges in Creating a Publication?

Figuring out the best place to start and your publication's key messages is always a challenge. It is difficult, in particular, to determine what your audience members actually need, how best to convey information to them, and whether your writing appeals to them. It may be helpful to talk with several people who are members of your target audience to get their views or even to get them together in a meeting to discuss the issue.

Another challenge is writing clearly, correctly, and effectively. Developing a document involves a great deal of hard work. You will need the help of others at every step. Publishing an error-free document is a big challenge, so much so that few documents are error free. However, careful planning, proofing, and selection of a printer all help to reduce your chances for error.

Your group may also face additional challenges when group members have different—but very strong—views on an issue being addressed in the publication. If your publication addresses the subject of curfews, for example, group members will have to decide whether to present both sides of the issue or argue for a particular result. When your publication takes a side on an issue, you will need to support your position with strong arguments and solid evidence to avoid having your publication appear too emotional or controversial.

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