clear Six Steps to a Successful Publication Process

Remember that once you've decided to publish, there are several critical steps to moving your publication along.

  • Research your subject. To maintain your publication's credibility, check all facts and dates, consult your library or the Internet, and interview experts and organizations relevant to your topic.

  • Outline your document. Listing the points you want to make and organizing the information you intend to present beforehand will help you save time.

  • Write, edit, and rewrite your document. Polish your text before handing it off; documents require several drafts before they are ready for review. Make sure to get someone to edit and proofread the publication.

  • Design your publication. Build enough time into your schedule for the design process. A clean and interesting design can only help your publication.

  • Go to press. Select a printer based on capability, equipment, and cost. Take into account your design elements and whether your publication will be stapled or folded—all these factors contribute to cost. Get at least three printer estimates, and once you choose a printer, get a written contract.

  • Distribute your product. Keep track of who your audience is; you may want to create a database with mailing information to make distribution a smooth process.

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