clear What Are Some of the Challenges?

Experience has shown that many arts and performances initiatives are unable to survive without sustained support and new resources. To meet this challenge, program leaders need to identify funding sources on an ongoing basis. State funding, business support, or local foundation funding is sometimes available, but identifying funding sources takes time and requires research. Successful grant applicants must show a clear mission, measurable goals, and an independent evaluation of their efforts.

In addition to financial challenges, your arts and performances will face an ongoing need for rehearsal, performance, or display space. If possible, work out an agreement with a local school, church, library, or other organization to use necessary space. Recruiting artists, performers, group members, and other volunteers is another challenge facing arts and performances programs. As members graduate from high school, move away from the area, or shift interests, your group will need to devote time and energy to recruiting new and talented members.

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