clear What Are Some of the Rewards?

Many benefits result from using arts and performances to help prevent crime. In addition to the satisfaction of creating or performing, you'll have the pleasure of knowing that you've communicated about a subject of vital interest to your community. As a result of your work, young children may learn new ways to settle arguments peacefully, adults may learn how to help establish a crime-free community, and your peers may realize that they need help with personal problems or recognize the importance of taking a stand against drugs.

Because dance, music, photography, and other arts transcend language, they often help to bridge cultural, racial, and ethnic barriers. A photography exhibit, play, or recital can also generate real enthusiasm for your group members' abilities and provide much-deserved recognition from adults and your peers. After all of your work, you'll see that you've had a good time and probably made or strengthened friendships!

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Youth In Action Bulletin December 1999   black   Number 11