clear How Do You Keep the Program Going?

Make sure that all of your volunteers receive rewards from teaching. For example, design a survey or conduct discussions that allow teachers to receive feedback about what students learned and how much they enjoyed the sessions.

In securing feedback toward the end of your program, ask students specific questions like:

bullet What did you learn?
bullet What parts of the lesson were most helpful?
bullet What parts of the lesson were most enjoyable?
bullet Would you like the teacher to teach other subjects?
bullet What parts of the lesson were unclear or need improvement?

Make sure that students' responses are shared with everyone who helped in the teaching.

Making learning fun will also help keep your program going. Vary lesson plans and include activities that are enjoyable as well as instructive. Role-playing (in which students act out a scene to illustrate a point from your lesson), contests, small-group activities, debates, warm-ups, speeches, demonstrations, and similar interactive techniques can make learning more fun for everyone.

A great resource when planning lessons is the National Education Association's "Works 4 Me" Tips Library, located at This site offers useful tips on teaching techniques, classroom management, the use of technology in the classroom, and much more.

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