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Fall 2006
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Physical and Critical Infrastructure Resilience Conference
November 28, 2006
Arlington, VA

This conference will present approaches to secure critical infrastructure, such as how the government and private stakeholders can work together, how to build and maintain a risk assessment, effective partnerships, and reducing vulnerabilities. Speakers will provide an overview of the state of our Nation's physical and IT security, including lessons learned, tools, methods used, and methods that need to be developed to provide consistent, integrated, and objective guidance on securing a facility.

Information will be provided on lessons learned; Federal, State, and local programs; best practices for vulnerability assessments; how to maximize effectiveness of first responders; how to develop a risk assessment program; case studies; and new products and strategies. The conference is designed for security professionals; Federal, State, and local government officials; information technology professionals involved with physical and cyber security applications; manufacturers of physical and cyber security equipment; companies with security audit, risk assessment, and security plan services; agency executives seeking to understand and assess risks and alternatives; and first responders.

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Recent Events on Pandemics

  • Technologies for Critical Incident Preparedness Conference: Prevention, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery, September 6–8, 2006. This conference highlighted the technology and training tools currently available and those that are being developed to help the emergency responder community deal with major threats to lives and property, such as natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

  • Pandemic Influenza: Principles and Techniques for Communicating Effectively in High Stress and High Concern Situations Workshop, October 10, 2006. This 1-day training workshop presented practical information to help public- and private-sector agencies and organizations better prepare for a pandemic influenza outbreak.

  • Preparing for Pandemic Influenza Conference, October 11–12, 2006. This conference brought together influential medical and public health leaders to review and discuss the National Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plan and our Nation's preparedness and response efforts and goals.

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March 28–31, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA

Ninth Crime Mapping Research Conference: Developing Methods for Research and Practice

Spatial Approaches to Understanding Crime and Demographics
The Crime Mapping Research Conference is about the study of society and its relationship with the elements that contribute to crime and the implementation of criminal justice. Visit to learn more.

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