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Welcome to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) Web site. The enhanced home page provides quick access to the NCJRS federal sponsor resources and announcements. Click on the different sections of the home page for descriptions to help you become familiar with the site.

Account Management

Review your profile and update your contact information or interest areas using the Login/Manage Account feature. View your shopping cart or subscribe to receive notifications. The Support section includes a “Help” area that will allow you to find information about the Web site, Contact Us or ask a specialist using the Chat feature.


To perform a keyword search across the entire site, type the word(s) into the Search textbox located above the site's navigation. Select "Go" or press Enter to execute the search. To search specific sections of the NCJRS Web site or to narrow your search, select the Advanced Search option.


The navigation located at the top of the NCJRS Web site will allow you to move between the site's primary sections. The OJP Publications section includes a list of NCJRS federal sponsor publications and will give you the ability to sort and filter. The Library includes searchable abstracts and a thesaurus, among other features. Search Q&A will give you access to hundreds of questions and answers related to juvenile and criminal justice, victim assistance, substance abuse, and NCJRS services. In the Justice Events section, you can add an event or view conferences based on focus area, geographical location, or date.


This feature will rotate important highlights for the NCJRS Web site and federal sponsors. You can cycle through the slides by clicking on the thumbnail images.

Content Notices

New releases, such as publications, announcements, and funding opportunities, will be posted here. You can share these resources via Facebook or Twitter. Click on the icon next to the announcement to access the share feature.

Tweets From Sponsors

This area displays tweets from the federal sponsors' Twitter pages in one consolidated feed. Scroll through the list to read the announcements from the federal sponsors.


This section displays upcoming Webinars that are supported in full or in part by the federal sponsors. The Webinar title links to the NCJRS Justice Events detail page to give you more information about the Webinar, including the registration link.


This section contains a list of events at which the federal sponsors are exhibiting. The title of the event links to the NCJRS Justice Events detail page to give you more information about the event, including the registration link.

Browse By Topics

View resources by topic. Each page contains information (grouped by content type) that matches the selected topic. Content types include Q&A, publications, program profiles, related links, and justice events.