Eyewitness Evidence: A Trainer's Manual for Law Enforcement  


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Technical Working Group for Eyewitness Evidence: Training Teams

The Technical Working Group for Eyewitness Evidence (TWGEYEE), a multidisciplinary group of content-area experts from across the United States and Canada, was created by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) in 1998 to develop recommended procedures for law enforcement use in investigations involving eyewitness evidence. These individuals, led by a Planning Panel composed of distinguished law enforcement, legal, and research professionals, authored the 1999 NIJ Research Report, Eyewitness Evidence: A Guide for Law Enforcement.

The TWGEYEE Training Teams were formed in early 2000 as subgroups of TWGEYEE to develop the materials found in this Trainer?s Manual. Two teams were formed—one to develop a lesson plan and accompanying materials for eyewitness interviewing procedures and another to develop a lesson plan and accompanying materials for identification procedures. Leading law enforcement and research members of the TWGEYEE Planning Panel were designated as team chairs who selected additional team members from the TWGEYEE membership base. These team members, listed below, worked together over a 1-year period to author the Trainer?s Manual.

Interviewing Team

Sgt. Paul Carroll (Ret.)*
Chicago Police Department
Big Pine Key, Florida

Ronald P. Fisher, Ph.D.*
Florida International University
North Miami, Florida

Caterina DiTraglia
Assistant Federal Defender
St. Louis, Missouri

Mark R. Larson*
King County Prosecutor?s Office
Seattle, Washington

Roy S. Malpass, Ph.D.
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Eugene Rifenburg
New York State Police (Ret.)
Oneida Indian Nation Police
Munnsville, New York

*Planning Panel member
Identification Team

Det. Lt. Kenneth A. Patenaude*
Northampton Police Department
Northampton, Massachusetts

Gary L. Wells, Ph.D.*
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa

Cpl. Daniel Alarcon II
Hillsborough County Sheriff?s Office
Tampa, Florida

Hon. Michael J. Barrasse
Lackawanna County Judge
Scranton, Pennsylvania

David C. Niblack
Attorney at Law
Washington, D.C.

John Turtle, Ph.D.
Ryerson Polytechnic University
Toronto, Ontario

Solomon M. Fulero, Ph.D., J.D.
Sinclair College
Dayton, Ohio

Members of TWGEYEE reviewed the materials contained in this manual and provided valuable input during the preliminary development of the training criteria on which the lesson plans in this manual are built. These members are listed alphabetically below:

First Sgt. Roger Broadbent
Virginia State Police
Fairfax Station, Virginia

Cdr. Ella M. Bully (Ret.)*
Detroit Police Department
Detroit, Michigan

Cpl. J.R. Burton
Hillsborough County Sheriff?s Office
Tampa, Florida

Det. Sgt. Chet Bush
Kent County Sheriff?s Office
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Carole E. Chaski, Ph.D.*
Institute for Linguistic Evidence
Georgetown, Delaware

Lt. Rosanna Church-Abreo
Texas Department of Public Safety
Special Crime Services
Austin, Texas

Det. Sgt. J. Glenn Diviney (Ret.)
Tarrant County Sheriff?s Office
Fort Worth, Texas

James Doyle*
Attorney at Law
Boston, Massachusetts

James Fox
San Mateo County District Attorney
Redwood City, California

Investigations Chief Arlyn Greydanus
Montana Department of Justice
Division of Criminal Investigation
Helena, Montana

Investigator Kathy Griffin
Loveland Police Department
Loveland, Colorado

*Planning Panel member
William Hodgman
Los Angeles County District
   Attorney?s Office
Los Angeles, California

Rod C.L. Lindsay, Ph.D.
Queen?s University
Kingston, Ontario

Officer Patricia Marshall
Chicago Police Department
Chicago, Illinois

Jeralyn Merritt
Attorney at Law
Denver, Colorado

Melissa Mourges*
New York County District
   Attorney?s Office
New York, New York

Patricia Ramirez
Dodge County District Attorney
Juneau, Wisconsin

Det. Edward Rusticus (Ret.)
Kent County Sheriff?s Office
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Det. Ray Staley
Kansas City Police Department
Kansas City, Missouri

Lt. Tami Thomas
Atlantic Beach Police Department
Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

Capt. Michael B. Wall
Northampton Police Department
Northampton, Massachusetts


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