1999 National Drug Control Strategy

Table of Contents

Transmittal Letter from the President

Foreword by General McCaffrey

  1. Drug Control Strategy: An Overview

  2. America’s Drug Profile

  3. Goals, Objectives, Targets, and Performance Measures of Effectiveness

  4. A Comprehensive Approach

    1. A National Strategy

    2. Preventing Drug Abuse

    3. Treating the Addicted

    4. Breaking the Cycle of Drugs and Crime

    5. Enforcing the Nation's Laws

    6. Shielding U.S. Borders from the Drug Threat

    7. Reducing the Supply of Illegal Drugs

    8. International Drug Control Cooperation

  5. The National Drug Control Budget

  6. Consultation

Appendix: Drug-Related Data

Glossary: Abbreviations and Acronyms