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In 1997, a discretionary grant from the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) funded a 5-year demonstration project for the development and implementation of Victim Services 2000 (VS2000)—a model for comprehensive, coordinated, and seamless delivery of services to meet the needs of crime victims at a particular site. In the VS2000 model, onsite VS2000 staff identify unique factors present at the site, such as geographic, political, demographic, and others, and evaluate how these have resulted in the specific needs of the victims. Denver was selected in 1997 as the urban site for the VS2000 model demonstration project, and Vermont was selected in 1998 as the rural site. Both sites use the two key VS2000 principles, collaboration and innovation, and each site must develop its own distinct service delivery model that meets the specific needs of the victims at its site.

Part of a series that documents VS2000 initiatives, this bulletin provides an overview of the Denver VS2000 training and education efforts for victim service providers and allied professionals. Additional bulletins are available that discuss other aspects of the VS2000 model, including needs assessment, collaboration and planning, technology, and community advocacy.

In accordance with VS2000 principles, this bulletin shares lessons learned and knowledge gained during the development and implementation of a VS2000 model site for use by other sites interested in developing similar initiatives.

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Learning About Victims of Crime: A Training Model for Victim Service Providers and Allied Professionals
September 2003
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