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Additional Resources

Needs Assessment Instruments

National Strategy for Nonprofit Technology (NSNT) Benchmarking Tool
Web site: www.sustain.org/nsnt

One/Northwest Online Networking for the Environment Technical Assessments
Web site: www.onenw.org/assess

Benton Foundation Best Practices Toolkit
Web site: www.benton.org/Practice/Toolkit

Other Information Systems

Agency Systems
Web site: www.agency-sys.com

Web site: www.ebase.org

IIS (Integrated Information Systems, Inc.)
Web site: www.iisweb.com

Benchmark Enterprises
Web site: www.irissoft.com

ITS (Integrated Tracking System)
Texas Department of Human Services Family Violence Program
Web site: www.dhs.state.tx.us/programs/familyviolence/

National Domestic Violence Hotline
Web site: www.ndvh.org

SAVAN (Statewide Automated Victim Assistance and Notification)
Web site: www.ncsavan.org

VAdata (Virginia Statewide Data Collection System for Domestic Violence Programs and Sexual Assault Centers)
Web site: db.rtk.net/vadata/information.html

VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday)
Web site: www.vineco.com

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology, Inc.
Web site: www.assistivetech.com

Lorin Software
P.O. Box 541558
Orlando, FL 32854–1558

Write: OutLoud
Don Johnston
Web site: www.donjohnston.com/catalog/writoutd.htm

IBM Screen Readers
IBM voice of the World Wide Web
Web site: www.ibm.com/able/snssrd.html or www.ibm.com

Exceptional Computing
Web site: www.exceptionalcomputing.com

Words + EZ Keys for Windows
Web site: www.words-plus.com

NanoPac, Inc.
Technology for Independence
Web site: www.nanopac.com

Electronic magnifier
Web site: www.magnicam.com

Other Resources

Center for Non-Profit Technology
Web site: www.cnpt.org

CUSSN (Computer Use in Social Services Network listserv)
Web site: www2.uta.edu/cussn

Information Resources

Philanthropy News Network
Web site: www.pnnonline.org

Promising Strategies and Practices in Using Technology To Benefit Crime Victims
National Center for Victims of Crime
Web site: www.ncvc.org

Social Ecology Incorporated
Provides nonprofit e-mail and intranet internal communication software
Web site: www.socialecology.com

VAST Inc. (Victim Advocates Software Team)
Provides victim services technology and project management services
Patricia Risley, President
E-mail: VAST@aol.com

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Using Technology To Enable Collaboration
August 2001
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