The following statistics are derived from "Hate Crime - 1994" contained in the Uniform Crime Reports published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation within the U.S. Department of Justice in 1995.

Preliminary figures show 5,852 hate crime incidents were reported to the FBI during 1994, including incidents reported by more than 7,200 law enforcement agencies in 43 states and the District of Columbia.

Sixty percent of the incidents were motivated by racial bias; 18 percent by religious bias; 12 percent by sexual-orientation bias; and 11 percent by ethnicity/national origin bias. The 5,852 incidents involved, 7,144 separate offenses, 7,187 victims, and 6,189 offenders.

Crimes against persons accounted for 72 percent of hate crime offenses reported. Intimidation was the single most frequently reported hate crime, accounting for 39 percent of the total. Damage/destruction/ vandalism of property constituted 24 percent; simple assault; 18 percent; and aggravated assault, 14 percent.

Thirteen persons were murdered in hate-motivated incidents in 1994.

Individuals comprised 84 percent of all reported bias crimes in 1994, with businesses, religious organizations, and varied other targets comprising the remaining 16 percent.

Among the 6,189 known offenders reported to be associated with hate crime incidents, 57 percent were white, and 30 percent were black. The remaining offenders were of other or multi-racial groups.

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