Whereas, the foundation of justice for all upon which our nation was built includes justice for victims of crime; and

Whereas, there are almost 44 million people in America who are touched by crime each year, with over ten million falling prey to violence; and

Whereas, crime victims in the United States have many psychological, financial and physical needs that merit our nation's attention and concern; and

Whereas, the accomplishments of victims' rights advocates in America are numerous, including over 27,000 laws protecting victims' rights at the Federal and state levels, and over 8,000 agencies and organizations that provide support and services to victims of crime, including (#) in (city/county/state); and

Whereas, a new day is dawning for victim justice in the United States, a day that begins with the sunrise of fair treatment, continues with participation and involvement in the justice process, and ends with a sunset of dignity and respect; and

Whereas, April 21 to 27, 1996 has been declared "National Crime Victims' Rights Week" in America; and

Whereas, crime victims' rights, needs and concerns deserve the attention and support of the citizens of (community/state); Therefore, be it

Resolved, that (individual or entity) proclaims the week of April 21 to 27, 1996 to be (city/county/state) Crime Victims' Rights Week; and be it further

Resolved, that the (city/county/state) of (name of city/county/state) commits our individual and collective resources to helping victims of crime and supporting victim service programs not only during this special week, but throughout the year; and be it further

Resolved, that a suitably prepared copy of this proclamation be presented to (your organization).

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