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"Victims' Rights: Right for America, and Right for (City/County/State)"

(City/State) -- The time-honored tradition of National Crime Victims' Rights Week is scheduled for April 19 to 25, 1998. This special commemoration encompasses the theme, "Victims' Rights: Right for America," and will be observed by thousands of victim service and allied professional organizations and agencies across the United States.

What's right about America is also right for our nation: determination, commitment, and the belief that justice for all means justice for victims of crime -- young and old, urban and rural, and diverse by race, religion and gender. The determination and commitment of victims and those who serve them have reaped impressive results since the victims' rights discipline began in America over a quarter century ago: nearly 30,000 state and federal laws have been passed that protect and enforce victims' rights, including constitutional amendments for victims' rights in 29 states; there are over 10,000 non-profit and justice system-based programs that provide support and services to victims of crime; and a federal constitutional amendment that would provide consistency to victims in our most hallowed document -- the U.S. Constitution -- is currently pending in Congress.

Yet according to (spokesperson), victims' rights are mirrored by the countless victims who need, and deserve, support and services.

"With nearly 37 million criminal victimizations in the United States annually, the need for improved victims' rights and services has never been greater," (spokesperson) said. "Victims continue to seek access and input into our criminal and juvenile justice systems, and measures

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"Victims' Rights: Right for America, and Right for (City/County/State)"


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that hold offenders accountable for their actions that harm not only their victims, but our entire community as well."

Here in (name of city/county/state), numerous activities have been planned to recognize victims of crime in our (community/county/state) Included are: (cite examples of special events).

Reginald L. Robinson, Acting Director of the Office for Victims of Crime within the U.S. Department of Justice, encourages people across our nation to join his agency in saluting the many accomplishments of America's victims, advocates and justice professionals.

"During National Crime Victims' Rights Week, we can send a strong message that services for crime victims, offender accountability, and community safety are priorities for our entire nation," Robinson noted. "It's an important opportunity to honor those who bring honor to victims of crime, and make victims' rights right for America."

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