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"Victims' Voices: Silent No More"

America Commemorates 1999 National Crime Victims' Rights Week

(City/State) --- The time-honored tradition of National Crime Victims' Rights Week is scheduled for April 25 to May 1, 1999. This year's theme, "Victims' Voices: Silent No More" emphasizes the power of the personal story of victims, and how their individual and collective voices have improved our justice system, and made our communities safer.

Just twenty years ago, crime victims were afforded few rights; their voices were muted, and limited services were available to provide them with support and assistance. This mask of silence has been lifted in our halls of justice, in state houses, and in communities where the voice of the victim is valued today for the vision it provides for true justice. The results are impressive. Today, over 10,000 organizations provide quality services and assistance to victims of crime, including over (#) in our (state/community). Thirty thousand laws have been passed at the federal and state levels that define and protect victims' rights, including constitutional amendments in 32 states (including yours, if applicable) that offer a range of participatory rights for victims. While most crimes have decreased in our nation, those who have been touched by crime know today that other victims, service providers, and justice professionals stand ready to serve them, and to listen to their voices.

According to (spokesperson), victims' voices offer each of us a vision of justice that is inclusive, respectful and fair.

America Commemorates 1999 National Crime Victims' Rights Week


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"When victims speak out in their own cases, it reminds us of the personal, human suffering caused by crime," (spokesperson) said. "And when victims speak out for justice for all, the end result is responsible public policy and increased services that support victims and communities who are hurt by crime."

Here in (name of city/county/state), numerous activities have been planned to recognize victims of crime and those who serve them, and provide victims with public forums to share their voices and visions for justice. Included are: (cite examples of special events).

Kathryn Turman, Acting Director of the Office for Victims of Crime within the U.S. Department of Justice, encourages people across our nation to join her agency in saluting the many accomplishments of America's crime victims, advocates and justice professionals.

"Victims' voices have brought important understanding to our nation of the need to provide information, assistance, and supportive services to individuals and communities who are hurt by crime," Turman explained.

"During 1999 National Crime Victims' Rights Week, we have the opportunity to return community voices of caring, concern and appreciation for all that victims have endured, and all that they have accomplished that makes our communities safer and better places to live," she concluded.

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