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Sample Resolution

Whereas, one violent crime is committed in America every 5 seconds and one property crime every 1.6 seconds; and
Whereas, 25.9 million Americans are victims of crime each year, and of those, 6.3 million are victims of violent crime; and
Whereas, despite the recent reduction in the rate of crime, far too many persons still suffer the impact of crime; and
Whereas, crime victims play an indispensable role in bringing offenders to justice; and
Whereas, victims of crime deserve respect, resources, restoration, and justice; and
Whereas, as we carry crime victims' rights into 2002 and beyond, we must Bring Honor to Victims, striving to create a world where the legal rights of victims are honored and government agencies are accountable for their treatment of victims; and
Whereas, despite significant progress in providing rights and services to crime victims over the past two decades, large segments of our population, including crime victims who are elderly, disabled, or living in rural areas, are still under-served; and
Whereas, as a nation devoted to liberty and justice for all, America must increase its efforts to protect, restore, and expand crime victims' rights and services; and
Whereas, [Your organization] is joining forces with victim service programs, criminal justice officials, and concerned citizens throughout [your City/County/State] and America to observe National Crime Victims' Rights Week;
Therefore, be it  
Resolved, that [elected official or government entity] designates the week of April 21- 27, 2002, as [City/County/State] Crime Victims' Rights Week; and be it further
Resolved, that [elected official or government entity] reaffirms a commitment to respect and enforce victims' rights and address their needs during 2002 [City/County/State] Crime Victims' Rights Week and throughout the year; and be it further
Resolved, that this official proclamation be presented to [your organization] on [date].
Note: A resolution is appropriate for legislative bodies such as your state legislature or city


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National Crime Victims' Rights Week: Bringing Honor to Victims April 21–27, 2002
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