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Maximizing Communication and Awareness


The sample speech reflects the 2003 NCVRW theme and offers a broad national perspective about the current status of victims' rights and services. It should be personalized to reflect local issues and concerns, as well as to educate the public about victims' rights and services available in the community and state in which the speech is delivered. Potential audiences for NCVRW speeches include: civic and service organizations; allied professional groups; schools, colleges and universities (classes, general assemblies, and student/faculty organizations); criminal and juvenile justice and victims' rights conferences; and inter-faith institutions.


This Resource Guide contains a variety of quotations that address the NCVRW theme and other inspirational topics relevant to victims' rights and victim justice. The notable quotables can be utilized in speeches, brochures and all victim and public outreach publications and activities sponsored during NCVRW and throughout the year.


Support from inter-faith communities for NCVRW can greatly enhance victim and public outreach efforts. Many inter-faith leaders are willing to incorporate messages relevant to victims' rights and services in order to commemorate NCVRW. This year's sample sermon reflects the perspective of various faiths, and was written by Reverend Richard Lord and Janice Harris Lord of Arlington, Texas.

Victim service providers should contact religious leaders at least four weeks prior to NCVRW to determine if they are willing to address crime victims' rights and needs in their sermons or remarks to their congregations throughout the week.


This year, hundreds of state and local officials and agencies will issue proclamations or resolutions that officially proclaim the week of April 6-12, 2003 to be "(State/Local) Crime Victims' Rights Week." This sample proclamation can be offered to such officials and entities as a foundation upon which to draft an official proclamation that is specific to each jurisdiction's needs. Data from the statistical overviews included in this Resource Guide and/or jurisdiction-specific data can be used to tailor the sample proclamation to an individual organization, jurisdiction or state. Victim advocates should request multiple copies of any proclamations issued that can be framed for the offices of the many organizations that co-sponsor 2003 NCVRW activities.


Twenty creative ideas are included that tie into this year's theme, "Victims' Rights: Fulfill the Promise." Many ideas were generated from victim assistance programs and collaborative initiatives to commemorate NCVRW in past years. These suggestions can be implemented as is, or tailored to fit the particular needs or style of your organization, agency or jurisdiction. It is important to involve as many individuals and organizations in your community as possible in your NCVRW public awareness activities and commemorative events.


The commemorative calendar outlines events held throughout the year for crime victims and allied professionals. Contact information for the lead organizations for each event is provided. In many instances, the organizations release public awareness materials specific to the event.

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National Crime Victims' Rights Week: Fulfill the Promise April 6–12, 2003
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