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Working With the Media

Your local library is likely to have extensive reference resources to help you develop or enhance a directory of broadcast, print and web-based media for your jurisdiction. In addition, YAHOO offers an excellent service that lists general and specialized media according to region and/or state. It is available on the web at: http://dir.yahoo.com/News_and_Media/By_Region/. The sample camera-ready NCVRW letterhead should be utilized to print all resources from this section.


Once victim service providers have completed their plans to commemorate NCVRW, it is helpful to send a general press release to local print, broadcast and web-based media that highlights key activities they will sponsor. The sample press release, which includes a national perspective and a quotation from the Director of the Office for Victims of Crime, can be easily personalized with state or local jurisdiction information.


One of the best ways to promote victims' rights and services is through the broadcasting of public service announcements (PSAs). The three sample PSAs can be utilized for either radio or television stations. Each PSA should be personalized to include contact information for local victim services, along with any relevant data that accurately reflect crime and victimization in the area in which the PSAs are broadcast. Victim advocates should contact local radio and television stations at least six weeks prior to NCVRW, and ask to speak to the public service director. S/he can provide guidelines about whether the station accepts PSAs and the preferred format. While some stations simply accept PSA scripts that are read by on-air personalities, others ask that the scripts be read by a representative from the organization that submits them. Be sure to understand and follow any guidelines that radio and television stations provide.


Opinion/editorial columns can be a powerful tool to help people in your jurisdiction understand the impact of crime on victims and communities, and the range of rights and services available to assist victims. The sample opinion/editorial column should be personalized and expanded to reflect information pertinent to the community in which it will be published, such as current crime statistics, personal victims' vignettes and information about victims' rights and services. The column can also be edited and submitted to local radio and/or television stations as an actuality, which is a 60-second statement of opinion that is usually read on air by the author. Victim service providers should consider submitting the opinion/editorial column or radio/television actuality from a local NCVRW Planning Committee or coalition.

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National Crime Victims' Rights Week: Fulfill the Promise April 6–12, 2003
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