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Camera-Ready Artwork

Perhaps the most replicated component of the NCVRW Resource Guide is the camera-ready artwork. The artwork can be utilized in many ways during NCVRW and throughout the year. Various pieces can be used as stand-alone documents or incorporated into publications such as brochures, annual reports and fact sheets. They can also be copied onto overhead transparencies or scanned as computer files for use in training programs.

The 2003 Resource Guide camera-ready artwork reflects the theme for NCVRW, along with other salient issues relevant to crime and victimization. When appropriate, the artwork can be personalized with local victim service providers' contact information. Local printers and/or correctional agencies may be willing to donate printing services and/or paper, or provide these services at a reduced cost.

The eleven categories of artwork include: Public Awareness Theme Poster, three "I Have the Right" Posters, Buttons, Bookmarks, Logos, Bumper Stickers, NCVRW Letterhead, Cover Page, Ribbon Cards, Certificate of Appreciation, and National Toll-Free Information and Referral Telephone Numbers.

(Note: Camera-ready artwork is available in PDF format only.)

OVC also offers high-resolution artwork to which color can be applied and manipulated.

  • An 11 x 17 inch poster, presenting the NCVRW theme "Victims' Rights: Fulfill the Promise," is included in the Resource Guide. The poster can be enlarged and/or reduced for use in newsletters, brochures or flyers. Victim service providers should insert their organization's contact information prior to duplicating the poster artwork.*
  • The three 8.5 x 11 inch posters are designed to educate crime victims about their core rights as victims, and generate public awareness about rights available to victims of crime. Victim service providers should insert their organization's contact information prior to duplicating the poster artwork.*
  • The artwork for buttons can be printed in one or more colors to add dimension to the message.
  • Each of the bookmarks should be printed on two sides, and will print best on paper that is at least 80 pound cover stock.
  • Sample letterhead and logos can be developed to encourage coalitions and/or NCVRW planning committees to show a united effort under one banner: 2003 National Crime Victims' Rights Week. Victim service providers may wish to incorporate a listing of NCVRW Planning Committee members onto the letterhead prior to reproducing it. Logos can also be included on brochures, programs, invitations, centerpieces, etc. Also, color can be easily incorporated to add more depth to the designs.
  • Artwork for two bumper stickers is included for reproduction and distribution to local constituencies. One reflects the 2003 NCVRW theme and the other can be used for more general public awareness purposes.
  • Also included is a cover page for your NCVRW material. Space has been left for you to incorporate a title and the logo or name of your agency/organization.
  • The artwork for ribbon cards can help victim service agencies promote public awareness of NCVRW through the distribution of theme ribbons in the theme colors of blue (Pantone 2757) and orange (Pantone 138). The ribbon cards can be replicated in large quantities. Two ribbons should be looped and pinned to the right of the text copy prior to distribution.
  • A certificate of appreciation is included in the Resource Guide, honoring victim service providers and others for their contributions to victim assistance. The certificate can be reproduced on attractive card stock, with the recipient's name written in calligraphy. Spaces are provided for the date of the award and the signature of the director of the organization giving the award. You may also wish to modify the certificate to honor volunteers who assist crime victims and advocates, tying the event into National Volunteer Recognition Week, which will be commemorated during April 2003.
  • The list of national toll-free information and referral telephone numbers can be reprinted as a stand-alone document or incorporated into other victim service organizations' publications. This list can also be utilized for training and technical assistance, especially for criminal and juvenile justice and allied professionals who are in need of good referral programs for the victims with whom they have contact.

* If you wish to reprint or duplicate any of the posters after February 2004, please contact Justice Solutions at 202–448–1710.

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National Crime Victims' Rights Week: Fulfill the Promise April 6–12, 2003
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