Office for Victims of Crime logo National Crime Victims' Rights Week: April 23-29, 2006 Victims' Rights: Strength in Unity
Photo of hands holding candles aloft in commemoration of National Crime Victims' Rights Week events.
NCVRW Introductory Theme DVD (6 minutes)

This Introductory Theme DVD "Victims' Rights: Strength in Unity" is included as part of the Resource Guide kit for the first time this year. OVC encourages use of this DVD throughout the year at public awareness, education, and training events in local communities to promote and advance the cause of justice for victims of crime.

Last year's theme DVD won the 2005 CINE Golden Eagle, gold award and the 2005 Certificate of Merit, International Communications Film and Video Competition (INTERCOM) Awards Ceremony, Chicago International Film Festival.

Photo of a group of people marching down a tree-lined street carrying a banner that says 'Domestic Violence Awareness Month: There's No Excuse for Abuse.'   Photo of young girl holding a lighted candle. She is part of a larger group of people at an event commemorating victims of crime.   Newspaper photo of African-American youth who is holding a poster that says 'I remember.' Beneath these words is a photograph of the youth at an earlier age with his mother.

View the NCVRW 2006 video clip, a short version of the 6-minute theme DVD included in the Resource Guide. The preview clip is open captioned and has a running time of 2.5 minutes. It will take several minutes to download for dial-up users.

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Video Clip Transcript

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