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National Crime Victims' Rights Week, April 22-28, 2007. Victims' Rights. Every Victim. Every Time.NCVRW Resource Guide: Helping communities and victim assistance providers promote awareness of crime victim issues.
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NCVRW Introductory Theme DVD (6 minutes)

OVC encourages organizations to use this introductory theme DVD-Victims' Rights: Every Victim. Every Time.-throughout the year at public awareness, education, and training events in local communities to promote and advance the cause of justice for victims of crime. A 1-minute preview clip is available for you to sample this video.

Images from the 2007 NCVRW DVD

Screenshot from DVD showing partial theme poster.     Screenshot from DVD showing supportive hand holding.     Screenshot from DVD showing picture collage.

You may view or sample the DVD contents by downloading any of the following movie files, which are available with close captioning (CC) or audio descriptions (AD). Look for the "CC" and "AD" text. A "standard" movie file indicates that the video does not offer CC or AD.

Please note that the download times will vary greatly depending on your connection speed. A high-speed/broadband connection is recommended for viewing these video clips.

Video Title Windows Media (wmv) - CC Windows Media (wmv) - AD QuickTime (QT) - Standard QuickTime (QT) - AD Audio Only in Media Player (mp3) - AD
1-minute 2007 NCVRW Theme Preview Clip (Download the Video Clip Transcript) wmv 2.5 mb - CC wmv 2.5 mb - AD QT 2.5 mb QT 2.5 mb - AD mp3 1.4 mb - AD
Estimated download time for a 56 kb line 6 min. 9 sec. 6 min. 9 sec. 6 min. 9 sec. 6 min. 9 sec. 3 min. 30 sec.
Estimated download time for a T1 line 13 sec. 13 sec. 13 sec. 13 sec. 7 sec.
6-minute 2007 NCVRW Theme DVD (Download the Video Transcript) wmv 12.7 mb - CC wmv 12.7 mb - AD QT 12.8 mb QT 12.7 mb - AD mp3 7.2 mb - AD
Estimated download time for a 56 kb line 31 min. 42 sec. 31 min. 42 sec. 31 min. 57 sec. 31 min. 42 sec. 18 min.
Estimated download time for a T1 line 1 min. 9 sec. 1 min. 9 sec. 1 min. 9 sec. 1 min. 9 sec. 39 sec.
NOTE: These are approximate file sizes and estimated download times for dial-up and broadband users.
Download times will vary.
Closed captioning of Windows Media Files is best viewed with Windows Media version 9.0.
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