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2008 NCVRW Theme Video

November 21, 2007
TRT: 05:18

Visual Description: A middle-aged bespectacled man.

Dialogue in Video: “I got the news, a phone call one evening that no parent wants to hear. And that was that my son was murdered.”

Visual Description: Headline: “Owner Shot to Death.”

Dialogue in Video: “I went to the scene of the crime where he was murdered, and I looked around, and I didn't see fanfare and I didn't see lights and I felt there was something wrong with that picture.”

Visual Description: A house with a white picket fence.

Dialogue in Video: “Everybody wants the American dream of a family, house, kids, dog, and whatnot.”

Visual Description: A photo of a smiling young woman with smooth skin.

Dialogue in Video: “Once my ex-husband became abusive, I felt like I had nowhere to go to find safety.”

Visual Description: Headline: “Victim of Burning.”

Dialogue in Video: “The worst-case scenario is definitely a coffin.”

Visual Description: The woman's face is scarred.

Visual Description: Another woman wears a pink dress.

Dialogue in Video: “The man who shot me and paralyzed me will be out in twenty years.”

Visual Description: She uses a wheelchair.

Dialogue in Video: “He'll be out but I'll still be in a wheelchair.”

Visual Description: A man sports a blue shirt.

Dialogue in Video: “Thirty-five years ago, justice was a very different concept from what it is today. It had very little to do with the victim of the crime. It was all about the state and the criminal.”

Dialogue in Video: “The victim had no input into the process at all. It was very different.”

Dialogue in Video: “It is evolving; it is bringing victims the ability to make changes in our system.”

Visual Description: A blond woman.

Dialogue in Video: “Before the ambush took place, I believe I thought justice worked in a vacuum.”

Visual Description: Headline: “Ambush Left 3 Dead.”

Dialogue in Video: “That is not what I believe justice is now.”

Visual Description: A photo of the woman and a man.

Dialogue in Video: “Justice cannot work unless everybody works together. You have to believe in it, you have to be willing to participate.”

Visual Description: A photo of the woman standing before microphones.

Dialogue in Video: “My husband was killed in the Pentagon attack on September 11th.”

Visual Description: A woman holds a photo of a man.

Dialogue in Video: “I had a chance to be a witness, to go to the U.S. District Court in Alexandria to testify and to have a voice in the process.”

Visual Description: The United States Courthouse.

Dialogue in Video: “9/11 family members, we suffer every single day, every single hour in our life and I just want them to understand.”

Dialogue in Video: “We need to continue to advocate that crime victims' rights are upheld in every court and every time they go to the parole board and with the police, and that it doesn't fall short for any crime victim. So that you know that what happened to you is not just left on the side at the crime scene.”

Visual Description: A black-and-white photo of an adolescent boy.

Dialogue in Video: “I think a lot of people think that justice is, is retribution. I don't think that is really what justice is about. Justice is about being able to, to, to go to sleep at night.”

Dialogue in Video: “Justice means faith that I can do something. That my voice matters.”

Dialogue in Video: “Justice must be equal. And justice for crime victims should be at the head of the table.”

Visual Description: People hold hands and bow their heads.

Dialogue in Video: “It took me thirty years to find my voice. I had never met another victim of sexual assault until I spoke out. And then I found out that they were all around me.”

Dialogue in Video: “So I'm their voice now. I'm their voice. I get to talk for them until they can find their own one day.”

Visual Description: A newspaper photo of the man, smiling.

Dialogue in Video: “I tell my story so that I can help save lives in hopes that we can at least make progress to ending domestic violence.”

Visual Description: The woman's face has large scars, her ear disfigured.

Dialogue in Video: “I don't want to see families go through what me and my family have gone through.”

Dialogue in Video: “And it takes a community, working in concert together to solve the problems.”

Visual Description: The man stands before a microphone, his arm around a woman beside him.

Dialogue in Video: “One month after September 11th, I went to the Pentagon to attend a ceremony.”

Visual Description: Flowers and American flags hang on a fence.

Dialogue in Video: “At that time, when I hold the flag, and I wave the American flag, I feel for the first time, I feel I'm very close and I'm very proud to say I am American.”

Dialogue in Video: “.indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Dialogue in Video: “We as American citizens have such a responsibility and such power.”

Visual Description: The blond woman holds a photo of a man.

Dialogue in Video: “To be victimized by a crime, that affects my family, it affects families of my son's friends, it affects his children, it affects their children, it affects the community. So there's a ripple effect that goes to the nth degree with just one crime victim, and we must have justice for all in this country right now.”

Visual Description: An older woman places her hand on the shoulder of the woman in the pink dress. A photo of a hand placed over a person's heart. Words appear: “Justice for Victims.” Another photo of people with their hands over their hearts. Below: “Justice for All.”

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