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Office of Justice Programs
April 18-24, 2010
OVC2010 NCVRW Resource Guide. Crime Victims' Rights: Fairness. Dignity. Respect.
The Resource Guide is published by the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice.

2010 NCVRW PSA Video


Child #1 (VO) three photographs of children - a white boy on a park bench; a white girl on stairs inside a home; and an African American male in front of a window. Every day children are exposed to violence in their homes, schools, and communties.
Text: "Be the one" (NOTE: This bold text dissolves in and out quickly.)  
Child #2 (VO) photograph of white adolescent girl as "to ask" appears on the screen. Be the one to ask...
Child #3 (VO) photograph of a Hispanic male pre-teenager as "to ask" is joined by "to listen." listen...
Child #4 (VO) photograph of a Hispanic male pre-teenager as "to believe" joins words on the screen. believe...
Child #5 (VO) photograph of a young Asian girl as "to care" joins the words on screen. care.
Text that says "Be the one to help" appears on the screen and remains on the screen through the end of the PSA.  
Child #6 (VO) photograph of young African American girl talking with adult African American male. Be the one to help a child who has been hurt by crime.
Young adult (VO) three photographs - African American boy from behind watching sports through a fence; white older man talking with Hispanic boy; and an African American teenage girl with white woman. (NOTE: The contact information has been on the screen for the entire PSA.) If you know a young person who might need help, be the one to take the first step. Contact us and learn how.
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