Laboratory One

Checking Your Values and Beliefs

This exercise is designed to provide a unique opportunity for Academy students to explore individual values and beliefs in the context of expanding multi-cultural awareness.

The following questions require answers that are grounded in your belief system or your attitudes about society.

The letters A, B, and C have been designated on the walls surrounding the classroom. When it is time to answer each question, you will be asked to "take a stand" by physically moving and standing in a space with other Academy students who have made that choice.

There is no right answer for each question. Questions are expected to require difficult choices and to prompt discussion on the issues related to attitudes and beliefs of Academy students.

Once you have selected you choice and moved to the letter A, B, or C, a class discussion will follow.

1. What is the most important, fundamental right?

A) Equal opportunity.

B) Freedom of speech.

C) Freedom of religion.

2. Which factor has the greatest influence on an individual's success?

A) Genetic make-up.

B) Home environment.

C) Educational opportunity.

3. What has the greatest influence on an individual's beliefs about another person's race or culture?

A) Personal experience.

B) Current events.

C) Family's traditions and beliefs.

4. What is the greatest barrier to an individual seeking help in the aftermath of crime?

A) Location of services.

B) Language barriers.

C) Cultural traditions and beliefs.

5. What characteristic is most important in another person?

A) Integrity.

B) Compassion.

C) Intelligence.

6. What Constitutional protections are most important to you?

A) Unwarranted search and seizure.

B) Equal protection under the law.

C) Right to due process.

7. Which one of the following will ultimately be most effective in reducing crime?

A) Reduce poverty.

B) Guarantee swift and sure punishment.

C) Reduce child abuse and neglect.

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