1997-98 Academy Text Supplement

Chapter 21-9

Federal Crimes: White Collar/Economic Fraud/Bank Robbery

Statistical Overview

Office for Victims of Crime Efforts to Assist Fraud Victims

In April of 1997, the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) published the most recent revised Guidelines for implementation of the Victims of Crime Act. Importantly, many of these revisions addressed services and assistance to victims of economic crimes. As OVC states, while VOCA funds cannot be used to compensate victims of fraud for their financial or property losses, many supportive services can be provided to these victims, including counseling and advocacy and support throughout the criminal justice system.

In its revised 1997 guidelines, OVC encouraged states to fund new or expanded services for victims of fraud and economic exploitation. (1997 VOCA Victim Assistance Final Program Guidelines, Sections IV.B and IV.C)

Specifically, the amended Guidelines address the following key issues relating to victims of fraud and economic exploitation:

As a result, VOCA grant funds may be used to support many direct services for fraud victims. These services can include those that address:

In addition to the important changes in the VOCA Guidelines, OVC has supported several projects to improve the treatment and services afforded to victims of economic crimes. These efforts include:

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