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Report to Congress 1999 cover

Report to Congress
Office for Victims of Crime

December 1999



Message From the Director
Chapter 1:   Introduction—OVC Advocating for Victims' Rights
                        and Services
Chapter 2:   Programs and Services for Crime Victims
Chapter 3:   Advocating for Crime Victims' Rights
Chapter 4:   Forming Partnerships To Enhance Victim Services
Chapter 5:   Improving Services to Victims of Crime
Chapter 6:   Promising Practices and Demonstration Programs
Chapter 7:   Providing International Leadership and Responding to
                        Victims of Terrorism
Chapter 8:   Supporting Direct Services for Crime Victims
Chapter 9:   Looking to the Future

Appendix 1: Crime Victims Fund Award Winners for FYs 1997–1998
Appendix 2: Year-of-Award Allocations for VOCA Victim Assistance
      Grants, FYs 1997 and 1998
Appendix 3: Year-of-Award Allocations for VOCA Victim
      Compensation Grants, FYs 1997 and 1998
Appendix 4: Children's Justice Act Partnerships for Indian
Appendix 5: Victim Assistance in Indian Country FYs 1997 and 1998
Appendix 6: OVC Publications and Products, FYs 1997 and 1998
Appendix 7: Summary of the Number of TTAC-Supported Technical
      Assistance Events by State
Appendix 8: Summary of FYs 1997 and 1998 Crisis Response
Appendix 9: Recipients of the Crime Victim Service Award for FYs
      1997 and 1998

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