Appendix C

Sample Site Inspection Checklist

Sample Site Inspection Checklist

* Will your conferees use the airport?

_____ How far is the airport from the hotel?

_____ What is the travel time?

_____ Does the hotel offer a shuttle to and from the airport?

_____ If so, what is the fare?

_____ How often and between what times does the shuttle run?

_____ What is the cost by taxi?

_____ Are rental cars available at the airport?

* Hotel Check-in

_____ When is check-in time? _____ When is check-out time?

_____ Is the front desk staff friendly and courteous?

_____ How long does it take to check in? _____ How many terminals are available?

_____ Is the bellperson easy to find? _____ Helpful?

_____ Does the doorman respond promptly to your arrival?

_____ Is the doorman friendly, courteous, and helpful?

_____ Is ample luggage storage area available for arrivals before check-in time and departures after check-out time?

* Accommodations

_____ How many rooms, not including suites, are available for your conference?

_____ How many suites are available to you?

_____ How many beds are provided in each suite?

_____ Room rates by occupancy: _____ Single _____ Double _____ Triple _____ Suites

_____ How many singles are available? _____ How many doubles?

_____ How many king-size beds are available? _____ Queens? _____ Doubles?

_____ Number of rooms handicap accessible?

_____ Does each room have a radio? _____ Cable t.v.? _____ Closed circuit t.v.?

_____ Does each room have a refrigerator?

_____ Is it empty or stocked with cash items?

_____ Is a newspaper delivered to each room?

_____ Does each room have shampoo and soap? _____ Hand and body lotion?

_____ Toothpaste? _____ Mouthwash? _____ Hair conditioner?

_____ Cologne/perfume? _____ Shower cap? _____ Sewing kit?

_____ Shoeshine cloth? _____ Complimentary coffee and coffee maker?

_____ Hair dryer? _____ Irons and ironing board?

_____ Voice mail/data port?

_____ Is express check-out available? _____ Video check-out?

_____ Are rooms in good condition? _____ Comfortable? _____ Fresh smelling?

_____ How many rooms are designated non-smoking?

_____ Does the hotel offer VIP accommodations?

* Hotel Services

_____ Does the hotel have a parking garage? ______ Parking lot?

_____ What is the rate? _____ Number of available spaces?

_____ Does the hotel have an audiovisual equipment manager?

_____ Are washing machines and dryers available to guests?

_____ Does the hotel have a laundry service?

_____ Is room service available? _____ How late?

_____ Does the hotel have a business center?

_____ Are recreational facilities available? _____ Game room? _____ Fitness center?

_____ Swimming pool? _____ Sauna? _____ Hot tub? _____ Jogging path?

_____ Are shops located on site? _____ Beauty salon/barber shop? _____ Newsstand?

_____ Toiletries? _____Gift shop? _____Groceries? _____Clothing?

_____ Are coffee/deli counters on site? _____ Average prices?

* Facilities and Design

_____ Are hallways and lobby areas neat, clean, spacious, and safe?

_____ Is there an area to comfortably handle conference registration?

_____ Can you hang banners or welcoming signs in public areas?

_____ Are there enough restrooms? _____ Are they conveniently located?

_____ Are there enough elevators and stairways to comfortably move conferees?

_____ Are all areas accessible to the handicapped?

_____ Does the hotel have public coat racks? _____ Coat-check rooms?

_____ Does the facility have a secured storage area?

_____ Does each room have a smoke alarm? _____ Sprinkler system?

_____ Is the temperature in public areas comfortable?

_____ Are all areas well lit? _____ Fresh smelling? _____ Are noise levels acceptable?

* Meeting Rooms

_____ Number of breakout rooms available to you (not including ballroom)?

Collect data on each room.

_________________ Room name ________________ Location

Capacity: ________ Theater _________ Classroom ________ Round tables

_____ How are the rooms usually set?

_____ Is there an extra charge for resetting?

_____ Are the following items complimentary, extra charge, or not available:

_____ Pens/pencils and notepads for participants? _____ Speakers' podium?

_____ Microphone? _____ Flipchart? _____ Chalk board? _____ White board?

_____ Markers? _____ In-room water station? _____ Projection screen?

_____ Is lighting controlled within the room? _____ Does it have a dimming switch?

_____ Are temperature controls within the room?

_____ Is any other group using the room before/after your meeting?

_____ Can signs be taped/pinned to the walls?

_____ Are signs outside the room attached to the door? _____ Walls? _____ Easel?

_____ Is the room carpeted? _____ Does it have pillars? _____ Mirrors?

_____ Windows? _____ Outside balcony/patio?

* General Session Rooms/Banquet Room

Many hotels and meeting facilities have a banquet room or grand ballroom that may

be divided into smaller general session rooms. Collect data on the large room and each smaller room.

_________________ Room name ________________ Location

Capacity: ________ Theater _________ Classroom ________ Round tables

Capacity with Head Table: _______ Theater ______ Classroom

______ Round tables

_____ Does the room have movable walls?

_____ Will any other group be using any adjoining room before, during, or after your meeting?

_____ Does the room have a sound system? _____ How is it controlled?

_____ Is there an extra charge for podium? _____ Microphone?

_____ What type of lighting does the room have? _____ How is it controlled?

_____ Can a banner be hung or attached to walls?

_____ Does the room have audiovisual screens? _____ How many?

_____ Where are they located?

_____ Is the room carpeted? _____ Does it have pillars?

* Other Considerations

_____ What is the policy on complimentary rooms?

_____ Is a depressed-season or shoulder rate available?

_____ Is a deposit required? _____ When?

_____ Does the hotel overbook?

_____ Who is responsible for damage?

_____ Are all major credit cards accepted?

_____ Does the property have a security force? _____ On a 24-hour basis?

_____ Are hotel personnel trained in CPR?

_____ Are guests provided with free transportation to any local attractions?

_____ Are there any minimum requirements for menus/buffets/banquet services?

_____ Are service charges, gratuities, or sales tax added to food and beverage prices?

_____ Are there insurance requirements?

_____ Does the facility offer complimentary coffee, breakfast, or evening hors d'oeuvres?

_____ What is the facility's cancellation policy?

_____ What additional charges can be expected for items such as bar services, table

setups, maintenance/electrical assistance?

_____ Can room rates or menu prices be guaranteed?

_____ Are there any plans for remodeling, construction, room upgrades, management changes?

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