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Tribal Victim Assistance Program

In Fiscal Year (FY) 2003, OVC decided to increase funding for the Victim Assistance in Indian Country (VAIC) Discretionary Grant Program to $2.5 million, rename the program the Tribal Victim Assistance (TVA) Discretionary Grant Program, and invite all federally recognized tribes in the United States to participate in it. Under VAIC, only tribes under federal criminal jurisdiction were eligible to apply. However, under TVA, OVC intends to award approximately $500,000 in support of projects that provide direct services to victims at up to eight tribes not under federal criminal jurisdiction. These projects include court accompaniment, advocacy, compensation assistance, emergency funds, counseling, crisis intervention, and training for law enforcement. The programs address the needs of unserved and underserved victims, particularly those victimized by child abuse, homicide, elder abuse, gang violence, and drunk driving. OVC is committed to providing TVA grantees with ongoing training and technical assistance support such as leadership programs, technical assistance to support the long-term sustainability of programs, and mentoring between tribes. For more details, visit the TVA Training and Technical Assistance Project Web site.

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