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New Mexico Pueblos Children's Code Project

Child abuse and neglect is a major concern among New Mexico's pueblos and tribes, and many tribes lack adequate, culturally relevant codes for addressing this problem. OVC's Training and Technical Assistance Center is supporting a group of consultants who are helping the pueblos of Acoma, Zuni, San Felipe, Santa Ana, and Taos develop or strengthen tribal codes so they properly address the policies and procedures for handling child abuse and neglect cases. Without these policies and procedures, there is little guidance for social workers, law enforcement officials, and treatment providers in how to protect child victims. This initiative, which will take place under the auspices of the New Mexico Indian Affairs Department, entails a review of existing children's codes, site visits, and managing input from tribal leaders and judges. The project goals are to develop, implement, and enforce more comprehensive children's codes in Indian Country; guide child welfare and protection processes; and ensure that children's needs are adequately and efficiently met by their pueblo or tribe.

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