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OVC's Web site is an essential way OVC provides information and leadership to the field, both domestically and internationally. The Web site is accessed by victims, victim advocates, VOCA administrators and subrecipients, discretionary grantees, educators, policymakers, and the general public. The Web site provides a wealth of information to site visitors, including the following:

  • "What's New at OVC" announces recently released publications, videos, and current OVC initiatives.

  • "Grants and Funding" explains each of OVC's major funding opportunities and includes the "Discretionary Toolbox," a new, one-stop resource for information on current funding opportunities, compliance and monitoring requirements, and financial information for current and future OVC grantees.

  • "Help for Victims" offers Internet links to topical resources of interest to victims, including OVC's Directory of Crime Victim Services.

  • "Publications" provides an annotated list of OVC publications that can be viewed online or downloaded. Users may also view digital clips for select video products and public service announcements to better understand the products' content and usefulness to the field.

  • "Resources for International Victims" offers information on global and international issues for victims including a series of OVC publications in foreign languages such as French, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese. More specifically, in the event of a terrorist attack or incident of mass violence, OVC has the capacity to post critical information for victims on its Web site.

OVC significantly enhanced its Web site during the biennium. In FY 2001, OVC unveiled a new look and theme for the Web site with expanded, up-to-date content areas; added a "Featured Resources" section to the site's home page that ties newly released OVC publications and products with commemorative themes for each month (e.g., Domestic Violence Awareness month in October); and added current topics, such as "Trafficking in Persons," to the "Help for Victims" page.

OVC's Web site content continues to grow, as do the number of users who access the site. OVC has seen a tremendous increase in visitors accessing the site since its creation in 1997; from June 2002 to October 2003, the number of visitors to the site increased 55 percent. The top three pages accessed on OVC's Web site are the "Help for Victims" page (which offers links to information resources on 29 topics such as terrorism and mass violence, campus crime, stalking, and identity theft), the "Grants and Funding" page, and the "Publications" page. For more details, visit the OVC Web site.

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