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Victims Component for an Office for Domestic Preparedness/Department of Homeland Security Training Course for Emergency Responders

For the past 2 years, OVC's Terrorism and International Victim Assistance Services Division has worked with the Office for Domestic Preparedness (ODP) to develop a victims' component for one of ODP's ongoing courses for emergency responders. A new training module was designed to address the issues and needs surrounding victims of terrorism, including emergency responders as victims. In addition, a PowerPoint presentation called Responding to Victims of Terrorism/Mass Casualty Events was developed and presented at a train-the-trainers meeting in March 2003. To broaden the training audience, ODP plans to produce a CD-ROM or video version of the PowerPoint materials. OVC is working with ODP to provide technical assistance in curriculum development, learning objectives, needs assessment, capacity building, and assessment of the curriculum's instructional effectiveness.

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