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State Legislature Victim Education Project

OVC recognizes the importance of providing state legislators with comprehensive information that informs their efforts to address victims' issues. In 2002, OVC initiated the State Legislature Victim Education Project, which is being conducted by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). This project will educate the Nation's state and territorial legislators about victims' needs by compiling, publishing, and distributing a legislator's guide, and providing substantive descriptions of key areas of law that address victims' rights and services in the states. NCSL is already tracking major policy trends in victims' rights legislation and recently published its analysis in a report entitled Victims' Rights Legislation in the 21st Century. NCSL has researched, compiled, and cataloged current state statutes to produce a complete snapshot of each state's victim-related laws and will publish the results in 2004. For more details, visit the NCSL Web site.

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