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Judicial Training Project

OVC is launching a 4-year judicial training project to develop and pilot test a curriculum for judges and court personnel on victimization issues. The curriculum's learning modules will address—

  • The impact of crime on victims and their families.
  • Appropriate roles for victims in the justice process.
  • Sentencing orders and victim restitution.
  • The value and use of victim impact statements.
  • The use of technology to improve victim services and victims' access to the criminal justice process.
  • Victims' rights laws and their implementation.
  • Victim and community safety.
  • Special considerations for victims with disabilities, child victims, older victims, and non-English-speaking victims.

The grantee will also design an implementation plan for nationally integrating and institutionalizing the training into judicial training and education programs. Finally, OVC funding will support the development of a bench book for judges on victims' rights law and recommended procedures and a compendium of promising practices. For more information, call Justice Solutions at 202–448–1710.

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