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Collaborative Response to Crime Victims in Urban Areas

Through a cooperative agreement with the Maryland Crime Victims' Resource Center Inc. (MCVRC), OVC is supporting the development of networks of faith-based and victim service programs in five urban communities—St. Paul, Minnesota; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Baltimore, Maryland; Richmond, California; and Nashville, Tennessee. MCVRC is continuing the work of the Stephanie Roper Foundation, a victim service organization created in 1982. MCVRC has shifted the focus of the organization's mission from direct services to training and technical assistance, legal advocacy, and outreach to low-income victims. Under the project, each site is strengthening partnerships between faith institutions and victim assistance programs to maximize the faith community's involvement in supporting victims. MCVRC serves as the conduit of funding and provides technical assistance for the pilot sites, which began their 3-year projects in June 2003. For more information, visit MCVRC's Web site or call 301–952–0063.

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