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Identity Theft Resource Center

Founded by victims of identity theft, the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) was one of six recipients of OVC's 2004 National Crime Victims' Service Award. ITRC offers many resources and services for victims, consumers, and businesses seeking to prevent or deal with identity theft. The center is also a resource for law enforcement agencies, legislators, and the media.

Available from ITRC:

  • Scam alerts that are updated frequently.
  • Detailed guides, fact sheets, and advice for victims.
  • Resources to help businesses prevent security breaches and assess risk.
  • Information about federal and state laws and pending legislation.
  • Resources for law enforcement and fraud investigators.
  • Sample letters, testimony, and forms.
  • Spanish-language pages.
  • Victim impact studies (most recent: Identity Theft: The Aftermath 2004).

In 2004, OVC sponsored a National Institute of Justice (NIJ) study that found that ITRC is providing a valuable service to victims of identity theft. Researchers recommended further documentation of the center's methods and resources. NIJ is sponsoring development of a resource guide for serving victims of identity theft, drawn from ITRC's extensive experience, due to be completed in 2006.

Visit the ITRC Web site.

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