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Recent Releases for Victims, Consumers, and Professionals

A wealth of information is available for identity theft victims, as well as consumers and businesses. Help is also available for service providers and allied professionals who assist identity theft victims. Some important sources are listed below.

General Focus

  Spotlight on Identity Theft. Comprehensive overview of the many issues involved with this crime.
  Federal Trade Commission.

Congress designated the Federal Trade Commission as the lead federal agency on identity theft, to inform consumers and victims and to collect reports. FTC's Web page has tips to help consumers avoid identity theft or report and address the consequences of identity theft. The Identity Theft Data Clearinghouse publishes annual reports on national and state ID theft statistics and trends.

FTC sponsored the only federal national study on identity theft to date-2003 FTC report.

FTC's Consumer Sentinel Web site and service center for victims, law enforcement, policymakers, and others interested in data and trends in the field includes a restricted-access Web site where law enforcement may access consumer complaints about identity theft and other fraud.

For Victims and Consumers

  Preventing Identity Theft: A Guide for Consumers. The Bureau of Justice Assistance sponsored this guide prepared by the National Crime Prevention Council, creators of the well-known McGruff® ("take a bite out of crime") character.
  Take Charge: Fighting Back Against Identity Theft. FTC pamphlet for victims and consumers.
  OVC's Web Resources.

For Business

  Help From FTC for Business Owners and Operators.
    Facts for Business.
    Information for Businesses-In the Real World.
    Information Compromise and the Risk of Identity Theft: Guidance for Your Business.
  BBBOnline. The Better Business Bureau sponsors BBBOnline for businesses affected by or seeking to prevent identity theft fraud and loss.

For Practitioners, Policymakers, and Researchers

  Comprehensive Review and Bibliography. The National Institute of Justice sponsored a major study that comprehensively compiled and reviewed scientific studies and other sources of information about identity theft. See Identity Theft Literature Review.
  Resource Guide for Victim Service Providers (forthcoming). Through the National Institute of Justice, OVC is funding development of a resource guide for victim service organizations about serving identity theft victims. Look for the guide in late 2006.
  Just for Police.
    The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services published a guide to help law enforcement officers develop local responses to identity theft and to measure the effectiveness of police response. Access the Identity Theft guide.
    For FTC resources for law enforcement, visit the FTC Web site and click on "Law Enforcement."

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