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        Public Education and Awareness Projects

OVC is committed to ensuring that victims' rights are recognized throughout the criminal and juvenile justice systems and that victims' voices are consistently heard throughout the Nation. As part of these efforts, OVC supports programs that generate greater awareness among victims, survivors, and communities about victims' rights and services. Through initiatives such as National Crime Victims' Rights Week, OVC is building capacity to promote victims' rights and services at the local level. Because these initiatives seek to expand awareness of and compliance with victims' rights, each supports the others in educating the Nation about victims' issues.

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OVC steadfastly works to put victims first and make their voices heard. To promote and increase the public's awareness of victims' needs and to improve services available to victims, OVC continually fine-tunes its initiatives and creates new ones that enhance its message about victims' rights, services, and issues. Better awareness leads to enhanced comprehensive services for all victims of crime.


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Topic-Specific OVC Initiatives

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National Crime Victims' Rights Week

National Crime Victims' Rights Week Community Awareness Projects

National Public Awareness and Education Campaign

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Oral History Project

Public Awareness in Underserved Communities

Youth Outreach for Victim Assistance Project

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