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Strategic Planning Project

OVC has several projects completed or underway to help victim services professionals develop and implement strategic plans.

Strategic Planning Toolkit

OVC has created the Strategic Planning Toolkit, which will benefit any state or local victim service organization that wants to assess its future direction and develop and implement strategic plans to reach its goals. The Toolkit offers guidelines, tools, and resources at every step. Access the Toolkit.

Other Planning Tools and Support

In Fiscal Year 2002, NACVCB began developing administrative tools for OVC to help state and territory VOCA administrators manage VOCA formula grants. This project will support development of a subgrantee monitoring toolkit; create new data elements and outcome measures for subgrant award and performance reporting; provide orientation training manuals for new state VOCA compensation and assistance administrators; and update the mass casualty protocol for victim compensation programs.

OVC is also conducting a corresponding Strategic Planning Initiative. The Initiative's vision is to build capacity among victim service providers and allied professionals that will result in more collaborative, effective, victim-driven and victim-centered rights and services. Trainings would provide states and victim service organizations with tools that build capacity through strategic planning; link and align funding resources to program implementation and performance measures; and conduct effective program evaluation for continued funding and growth. The Initiative included a training of trainers in May 2003 that immersed participants in the Toolkit protocol and how to apply it to statewide strategic planning for victim services.

While the Toolkit was in development, planning began for using it to provide training and technical assistance to six states as part of a process of developing a statewide strategic plan for victim services. This effort was coordinated closely between OVC and the Executive Director of the National Association of VOCA Assistance Administrators (NAVAA). Applications were approved by NAVAA and OVC from the states of California, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, New Jersey, and Washington. Six trainers from the May training event were selected to guide each state's 10-month planning process. OVC is currently reviewing the summary report detailing the planning process these six states underwent in 2003–2004.

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