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        Training, Education, and Technical Assistance

OVC is committed to providing victim service organizations with the necessary training, technical assistance, and material resources to develop and deliver high-quality services and to providing victim advocates, criminal justice personnel, allied professionals, and the faith community with the knowledge and skills to meet victims' needs. To reach these goals, OVC is enhancing the ability of its Training and Technical Assistance Center (TTAC) to develop and deliver high-quality training and technical assistance that meet the continuing and emerging needs of the field. These efforts include establishing national and state victim assistance academies; developing training that accommodates the specialized interests of law enforcement, judicial, corrections, social services, and faith-based program personnel; and extending the accessibility of victim advocacy training through Web-based curriculum development.

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By supporting these learning and skills-building training programs, OVC continues its mission of helping victim service providers develop protocols, enhance responses, refine training programs, and improve leadership skills. Its focus on state-specific resources, all age groups, the specialized needs of service providers, and the use of new technologies to share information ensures that the most comprehensive information is delivered to frontline service providers.


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Topic-Specific OVC Initiatives

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OVC's Training Calendar for Victim Service Providers

National Victim Assistance Academy

State Victim Assistance Academies

Basic Victim Advocacy Web-Based Training Course

National Youth Education Project

The Clery Act Regional Training Project

Building Skills for Sexual Assault Responders: Sexual Assault Advocate/Counselor Training Curriculum

National Sexual Assault Response Team Training Conference

First Responders DNA Evidence Training and Technical Assistance Project

DNA Evidence: Critical Issues for Those Who Work With Victims

Victims of Crime With Disabilities Resource Guide

Strategic Planning Project

Indicators of Elder Abuse: A Training Curriculum for Probation and Parole Officers

Training for Physicians on Elder Abuse

Economic Crime Summit Conference

Urban High Crime Neighborhood Initiative

Human Trafficking Grantees Learning Community

State Crime Victim/Survivor Scholarship Program

OVC Professional Development Scholarship Program

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