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        Victims' Rights

Traditionally preoccupied with prosecuting criminals, the criminal justice system often has neglected to fully acknowledge the rights of victims. However, recently great progress has been made toward incorporating victims' rights and issues into the process. To further this progress, OVC has funded several initiatives to raise awareness of victims' rights and generate support for victims. The projects also support OVC's training and education efforts as well as the development of programs that help victims understand and assert their rights.

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Because statutes on paper are merely words until they are put into practice, OVC is committed to educating and supporting victims, victim advocates, victim/witness coordinators, prosecutors, judges, courts, and victims' rights attorneys through initiatives that facilitate victim access to the criminal justice system and build the capacity of victim service organizations to advocate for and uphold victims' rights.


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Topic-Specific OVC Initiatives

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National Crime Victim Law Institute

State Legislature Victim Education Project

Victims' Rights Compliance Project

Database of Federal, State, and Tribal Victims' Rights Laws

Judicial Training Project

Victims' Rights Education Project

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