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Education, Outreach, and Training

Identity theft is of urgent concern to businesses and financial institutions who are potential victims, to police or other public officials who protect and advise victims, and to government agencies and criminal justice personnel who must devote resources to investigate and prosecute identity theft cases. OVC sponsors education, outreach, and training to help these professionals help victims of identity theft.

Education and Outreach

OVC conducts many activities to raise awareness about identity theft issues and address needs in the victim assistance field:

  • In May 2007, OVC, along with the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, briefed Office of Justice Programs managers and supervisors on new federal privacy policies and security breach notification procedures concerning personally identifiable information and the relevant and timely recommendations found in the President's Task Force Report on Combating Identity Theft.

  • In June 2007, OVC conducted a national victim service provider training titled “Identity Theft: Supporting Victims' Financial and Emotional Recovery.”

  • In August 2007, OVC launched a national program to respond to the needs of identity theft victims and made available $2 million for this effort, which will fund four programs at the national, regional, state, and city levels. The purpose of the grant is to support programs that provide assistance to victims of identity theft and financial fraud nationwide, encourage expansion of existing services to reach this often underserved population, and strengthen the ability of local law enforcement agencies and victim service providers to assist these victims.

  • OVC and the National Institute of Justice are working collaboratively on a victim assistance guide so that programs that already serve victims can expand their reach and address the often complex issues that confront victims of identity theft. The assistance guide is in final draft and is expected to be published in 2008.

  • In addition, OVC staffs the OJP Working Group on Identity Theft, which meets regularly to provide an organized forum for bureaus, program offices, and partnering agencies to discuss identity theft issues, create partnering opportunities, and find solutions to problems created by identity theft. OVC also participates in federal working groups that share information and foster collaboration in addressing the myriad issues associated with identity theft. These groups meet regularly to help implement the recommendations found in the President's Task Force on Identity Theft.


OVC's Training and Technical Assistance Center (TTAC) consultants deliver workshops or tailored trainings for victim service providers, law enforcement, or allied professionals at conferences and other events. In the past, TTAC has assisted in an FBI training on the impact of identity theft on victims. TTAC has conducted workshops on identity theft at the National Organization for Victim Assistance Conference, the Indian Nations Conference, and Victims of Crime Act Administrator National Conferences, among others. As a cosponsor of the National White Collar Crime Center's annual Economic Crime Summits, OVC presented a training track on assisting identity theft victims at three regional training sessions in 2005.

Requested training/support must meet TTAC criteria. See TTAC's Training and Technical Assistance Web page for more information.

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