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VS2000 System Information Technology Project

In 1997, the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) began developing Victim Services 2000 (VS2000), a 5-year demonstration project to create model systems for victim service delivery. VS2000 was established to improve the range, quality, and accessibility of services for all victims through the development of integrated victim service systems in urban and rural settings. VS2000 has three technological components: resource directory management, agency training registration, and case management for community agencies. OVC provided funding to the Denver Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement Board in 2003 to further expand these components, and funded a pilot test of the system in Denver, Colorado. OVC is currently evaluating the replication specifications to determine the most effective means of facilitating the programs' use by interested communities across the Nation. To view the Denver system, including an online newsletter, description of the VS2000 model development, resource center, and other components, visit the VS2000 Web site.

Also see the OVC Bulletin, Making Collaboration Work: The Experiences of Denver Victim Services 2000.

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