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Strategic Planning Project

OVC has several projects completed or underway to help victim service professionals develop and implement strategic plans.

Strategic Planning Toolkit

OVC has created the Strategic Planning Toolkit, which will benefit any state or local victim service organization that wants to assess its future direction and develop and implement strategic plans to reach its goals. The toolkit offers guidelines, tools, and resources at every step. Access the toolkit.

Other Planning Support

In April 2005, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson issued an executive order that established the Victim Rights Alliance for the State of New Mexico. The alliance was created to foster collaboration among key state and local stakeholders who are involved in victims' rights issues and to improve rights and services for victims of crime. The primary consensus among alliance members was that a statewide strategic plan is needed to address gaps in services to victims, protection of victims' rights in the state, evaluation of services to victims, and creation of an interdisciplinary system of service delivery.

The alliance turned to OVC's Strategic Planning Toolkit and to OVC TTAC for assistance. Between March 27 and May 28, 2006, an OVC TTAC consultant met with members of the alliance as well as other victims and victim advocates throughout the state to explore the issues identified by the alliance. As a result of these meetings and feedback from the consultant, the alliance developed a set of goals, one of which is to bridge the gaps in services to victims in the state.

The Governor has since revised the executive order and requested a written report by October 1, 2007. The report is to identify gaps in services and make recommendations to the Governor on how to address these gaps. The alliance again turned to OVC for assistance. Between April 2 and June 30, 2007, OVC supported the same consultant to help the alliance develop and disseminate a needs assessment/gap analysis survey to more than 500 potential respondents. The results of this survey will help guide the further development of a strategic plan and will be presented in a report to the Governor, which will drive legislative and executive decisions for the state.

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