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Economic Crime Summit Conference

Sponsored by the National White Collar Crime Center, OVC, and other regional sponsors, the annual Economic Crime Summit Conference encourages networking and information sharing between private companies and public sector agencies. It also provides an opportunity to learn from model programs and to share best practices that address economic and high-tech crime at many levels. Topics at the regional 2004 conferences included Internet fraud, identity theft, and elder fraud. Attendees include law enforcement personnel from local, state, and federal agencies; security professionals in the private and public sector; victim service advocates; certified fraud examiners; fraud investigators from federal, state, and local agencies; auditors and loss prevention specialists; corporate officials with detection and fraud prevention responsibilities; prosecutors and crime prevention specialists; and professionals in academia interested in fraud prevention and economic crime. The 2005 Economic Crime Summit was held in three different locations: Tampa, FL; Minneapolis, MN; and Phoenix, AZ. In preparation for these regional conferences and as a cosponsor, OVC developed a series of workshops and offered resource materials concerning the needs of identify theft victims. For more details, visit the conference Web site.

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