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National Crime Victim Law Institute

With OVC funding, the National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI) undertook a multiyear, national demonstration project to improve the capacity of attorneys to represent victims in the enforcement of their rights. Under this project, NCVLI worked with nonprofit agencies and organizations around the country to establish legal clinics that provide representation for crime victims in criminal court. Nine legal clinics have been established, eight of which represent victims in state court and one that represents victims in federal court. Each of the clinics has received funding for a total of 3 years and intensive technical assistance from NCVLI in the establishment and operation of the clinics and the representation of victims. Additionally, NCVLI provides assistance and support to victims and to attorneys across the country representing crime victims in the enforcement of their rights. NCVLI also is expanding a nationwide network of crime victim attorneys through its National Alliance of Victims’ Rights Attorneys. Under the project, NCVLI issues a semiannual newsletter that provides attorneys and others with information about victims' rights and convenes a national training conference for attorneys litigating on behalf of victims.

Under a second OVC-funded project, NCVLI is working to advance the enforcement of victims' rights at the federal level under the Crime Victims' Rights Act (CVRA). With the OVC funding, NCVLI provides intensive technical assistance, training, and support to three federal crime victim legal clinics in Arizona, Maryland, and South Carolina. The clinics provide free legal counsel and support services to victims in federal criminal cases. NCVLI also provides education and training about CVRA to criminal justice professionals around the country, as do the clinics in the respective jurisdictions they cover. In addition, NCVLI develops amicus curiae briefs on important federal victims' rights issues as they arise nationwide.

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