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Victims' Rights Compliance Project

In 2005, OVC awarded grants to the Oregon Department of Justice and the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency to support the planning, development, and implementation of statewide programs to facilitate compliance with state victims' rights laws. During the first year, the grantees—
  • Conducted a needs assessment and obtained the necessary support from stakeholders for the initiative.
  • Planned and designed a strategy for implementing a compliance initiative that involved coordination and collaboration with victim service organizations and state and local criminal justice agencies.
  • Reviewed and assessed the status of victims' rights implementation in their states.
  • Designed a tool that can be used to assess the success of the strategy's implementation.

Each grantee established an advisory group at the outset to provide guidance and direction to its project. Each project involved victims, victim service providers, advocacy groups, and criminal justice professionals in the program planning and design processes.

During the second and third years of the project, grantees implemented their respective strategies and evaluated the effectiveness of the programs. As a consequence of the evaluations, they further refined the programs, designed plans for sustainability, and produced reports documenting the development of the compliance programs.

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