Contents of the Resource Kit

Providing Services to Victims of Fraud: Resources for Victim/Witness Coordinators contains a variety of informational materials for both the victims of fraud and federal personnel who assist them throughout the federal justice process. The resource kit has been developed primarily for victim/witness coordinators housed in U.S. Attorneys' offices. However, the resources are also suitable for use by other federal personnel mandated to provide services to victims of federal fraud crimes.

Two of the kit's resources are designed for distribution to the victims of fraud. The remaining two are designed to help all federal criminal justice personnel, especially victim/witness coordinators, understand of the emotional, financial, and informational needs of fraud victims.

Specifically, the resource kit includes the following:

Both the pamphlet and the handbook are provided as master print copies in the resource kit. Any local printer or business copy center should be able to customize the documents with agency logos, contact information, or artwork.

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