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Directory of International Crime Victim Compensation Programs 2004 - 2005
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Trinidad and Tobago

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Act was proclaimed on October 30, 2000. As of December 2003, the board that would administer the program was not yet in existence. The following information describes the program authorized in law, but which is not yet operational.

Eligibility Requirements

Report to police. Yes.

Filing period. Not specified.

Foreign citizen eligibility. Not specified.


Any person who has suffered injury resulting from a crime
Dependents of a person who dies as a result of a specified crime, including murder, manslaughter, wounding with intent, inflicting injury, offenses under the Sexual Offences Act, and so forth
A person responsible for the care and maintenance of the victim or dependent, where that person has suffered pecuniary loss or has incurred expense in the care of the injured victim or dependent


Application forms are included in the law. A victim or dependent applies directly to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board and must provide a medical or death certificate as evidence of injury and other relevant documents as required by the board. The board must obtain a copy of the police report and it has the discretion to request and consider any other evidence it considers appropriate to reach a decision. The board is not bound by rules of evidence or legal procedure. There is no appeal process. The board will make its determination within 30 days of acknowledgment of receipt of the application and all supporting documents and information.

Benefits and Award Limits

The maximum award is TT$25,000. This maximum may be increased by Minister's order up to TT$50,000. There is no established minimum award.

Compensable costs. Any reasonable expenses incurred as a result of the crime, including loss of earning power and pecuniary loss to the dependent of a deceased victim. No specific types of losses or expenses are mentioned in the Act.

Emergency awards. There is no provision for awarding funds in an emergency.

Funding sources. The Act states that Parliament shall also appropriate moneys from the Consolidated Fund for the payment of compensation to victims or their dependents.

Contact Information

The Minister of Social Services, Autorama Building, El Socorro, San Juan, Trinidad
Telephone: 1-868-674-2245
Fax: 1-868-674-6728
Internet: None

Languages used—
• On application forms: English
• In correspondence: English
• By telephone: English

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