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An Overview of Guide

New Directions: Strategies for Implementation—
Tools for Action Guide

Master List of New Directions Recommendations

Chapter 1: Victims' Rights
Chapter 2: Law Enforcement
Chapter 3: Prosecution
Chapter 4: Judiciary
Chapter 5: Corrections
Chapter 6: Victim Assistance
Chapter 7: Health Care
Chapter 8: Mental Health
Chapter 9: Legal
Chapter 10: Education
Chapter 11: Faith
Chapter 12: Business
Chapter 13: News Media
Chapter 14: Compensation
Chapter 15: Restitution
Chapter 16: Civil Remedies
Chapter 17: Child Victims
Chapter 18: International

New Directions Index
  • Supplement to New Directions—A 16-page index housing key information, ideas, and recommendations contained in New Directions.
Global Strategies for Implementation
  • New Directions Five Global Challenges for the Field
  • Initiatives Underway in Response to New Directions
  • Strategies and Ideas for Implementing New Directions
  • Legislative Strategies
  • What Victim Service Providers Can Do
  • A Checklist for Implementing New Directions
Overview of Guide & New Directions Resources

  • Contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • New Directions Resources
  • Evaluation and Action Form

Camera-Ready Resources

  • Public Awareness Pocket Cards
  • Community Forum Announcement Flyer
  • Overheads Formatted for Speaker Presentation

Getting the Word Out About New Directions

  • Sample Press Release
  • Sample Newsletter Article
  • Sample Opinion/Editorial Column
  • Sample Letter to Criminal Justice Associations
  • Sample Letter to Allied Professional Associations
  • Sample Letter to Public Officials

Tools for Public Speaking

  • Sample Speech
  • Suggested Talking Point

Suggested Events To Promote New Directions

  • Launching a Task Force
  • Sponsoring a Community Forum
  • Conducting a Plenary Session

Viewing and Discussing the New Directions Videotape
  • Overview of New Directions from the Field: Victims' Rights and Services for the 21st Century videotape and suggested discussion questions.

New Directions from the Field: Victims' Rights and Services for the 21st Century
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