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Justice for Victims. Justice for All.
Office for Victims of Crime
2013 OVC Report to the Nation: Fiscal Years 2011-2012 'Transforming Today's Vision into Tomorrow's Reality'
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Message From the Director

Photo of Joye E. Frost, Principal Deputy Director, OVC

The vision that launched the victims' rights movement three decades ago arose from the awareness that the criminal justice system neglected or excluded the interests of crime victims. Since those early days, the Nation has witnessed dramatic progress in the expansion of victims' rights, protections, and services.

Now, the Office for Victims of Crime supports some 4 million crime victims annually as they struggle to reclaim their lives. The cornerstone of OVC's support is the Crime Victims Fund, which comprises fines, bond forfeitures, and penalties from convicted federal offenders—making them responsible, in some measure, for assisting those harmed by crime. Since the Fund was established in the 1980s, the concept of justice for victims has been integrated into our criminal justice system and is reaffirmed every day by service providers, advocates, and others who work tirelessly on behalf of victims throughout the Nation.

This report coincides with the official release of the Vision 21: Transforming Victim Services Final Report, the outcome of a strategic initiative aimed at moving the field closer to the vision of the pioneering advocates of the eighties—that every victim can readily access a seamless continuum of state-of-the-art services and support that will enable them to begin their journey toward physical, emotional, and financial recovery. This is not a grandiose dream; it is eminently achievable. Vision 21 stakeholders identified the major issues, gaps, and challenges that must be satisfactorily addressed in order to advance victims' rights and services in the 21st century.

Vision 21 acknowledges the heroic—and mostly unsung—efforts of the victim services field to extend a healing touch to those whose lives are shattered by violence. They perform some of the most difficult work in the Nation, and we need to ensure that they are fully equipped to succeed in their mission—with access to cutting-edge technology that will offer them unparalleled opportunities to reach many more victims, as well as the knowledge they need to provide victim-centered, evidence-based services to crime victims.

No matter how far one may fall into the darkness of despair, every victim carries a glimmer of light within. The programs and services highlighted on the following pages demonstrate how OVC supports those who protect and nurture that light until hope is restored and the light shines brightly once more. We can do no less for all victims of crime throughout the Nation.

Joye E. Frost
Principal Deputy Director
Office for Victims of Crime